Wonderful World of Dichroic Glass
Hi! I am Andrea Olson
Andrea Olson
I have been a lifelong award winning artist starting in high school in Minnesota.
I studied jewelry making at the University of Minnesota, and went on to study with
the late, great, Ray Gormley. I’ve worked in metals, gold and silver, since the 70's,
and started doing stained and leaded glass windows in the 80's. I’ve created windows
as far away as Ontario, Canada, the Midwest, the South, and down through the Florida
Keys.I took a class in glass fusing a few years ago and saw a sliver of dichroic glass. I
was gone...I was hooked...I had discovered my passion! I started combining the fused
dichroic glass with my stained glass windows and entering them in competition and
winning! What an incredible feeling to create such beautiful art.
I retired from the real estate profession and have since have been devoted to creating
beautiful jewelry and sculptures from dichroic glass. My work is now sold in a few upper
end stores in Palm Beach, Delray Beach, and as far away as Las Vegas, and I now receive
orders from all over the country for my one of a kind pieces.
Ivanna Cat
Ivana Cat